Visit our showrooms to see our selection of period marble fireplaces. We stock Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian marble fireplaces with good examples of each period. Our marble fireplaces are displayed with a variety of inserts - cast iron, brass, and steel grates. We can advise in your selection of marble surround, and choosing a suitable insert.

Cast Iron

We carry a range of Victorian and Edwardian cast iron fireplaces. These cast iron fireplace surrounds had a variety of grates or inserts, some arched, others square with tiled surround. The finish on the surround can be a burnished iron, or with surround painted. Browse our online selection and visit our Francis Street showrooms to view latest stock.

Stone / Slate

We carry Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian stone and slate fireplaces. Slate was typical of late Victorian and Edwardian. Slate was often marbelised, simulating the Italian marble commonly used in Georgian fireplaces. Black limestone or Portland Stone was common, featuring in bedrooms of many large houses, and were often painted. Visit or Francis Street showrooms to see our latest stock. View a selection online.

Combination Grates

Combination Grates include the insert or grate, and the surround as a complete one-unit fireplace, often smaller in size. Combination Grates are mainly Victorian or Edwardian, and include arched openings with no tiles, or alternatively have square openings, usually tiled. Visit our Francis Street showrooms for latest stock. View a selection online.

Arched Grates

Cast iron arched inserts were typical of Victorian and Edwardian eras. Arched grate are inserted into a mantelpiece, which can be marble, cast-iron, stone, wood or slate. Styles and ornateness vary depending on era and original surround. View latest stock in our Francis Street showroom. View a selection online.

Dog Grates

Dog grates were freestanding in the fireplace opening. Hob grates were built in to the fireplace opening. Georgian fireplaces often included engraved or reeded brass ornamentation. Styles and ornateness vary depending on era and original purpose. Visit our Francis Street showrooms where we can assist you pairing grates with mantelpiece. View a selection online.

Tiled Grates

Cast iron inserts, with a square opening with tiled surround were common fireplace inserts for the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Ornateness and detailing of the insert depended on original location of the fireplace, and style of the surround. Visit our Francis Street showrooms to see latest stock. View a selection online.

Register Grates

In the 19th Century, the register grate began to replace the dog and hob grates. The register grate incorporated a damper to control the supply of air, and was typically cast in one piece forming the inner frame and back of the hearth. Typically available in polished steel, or brass, the register grate is usually complemented by a fender, fireguard and fireplace accessories. Visit our store in Francis Street for a full selection. A selection is available online.


We stock a selection of fireplace fenders, fire screens, poker sets, and other fireplace furniture. We also carry a range of gilt mirrors. See our showroom for our complete selection. A small selection available to view online.