Our Restoration Service

Our restoration service covers all aspects of conservation using specialist skills in the renovation of all period mantelpieces and fireplaces in marble, stone, wood, cast iron & brass.

Restoration Process

  • Call to view at house
  • Advice on conservation
  • Written quote with options
  • Removal or in situ restoration
  • Marble is cleaned with poultices and repolished
  • Repairs to marble with original breaks to be repaired as natural & reboxed

Restoration of Tiles

  • Repairs to original tile panels
  • Rebuilding of existing tile panels
  • Supply of replacement original tiles or reproductions on all restorations

Removal & Fitting

While we try to keep disruption at a minimum it may not always be possible to remove all furniture from a room. We will provide covering where possible. We ask clients to remove personal and prized objects from mantelpiece and around work area.

Antique Fireplace Restoration

Restoration of Cast Iron

  • Stripping of existing paint & rust removal
  • Rust Priming, polishing to a traditional burnish finish
  • Spraying with high temperature paint in matt or satin finish
  • Cast iron repairs using nickel/silver rods & high temperature fillers
  • Painted finishes where required cream, white etc
  • Conservation of original parts where possible
  • Provision of original & replacement parts where necessary
  • Guide quotes can be given by emailing photos of fireplace
  • For a more comprehensive quote viewing may be necessary